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Our Packages

We have a variety of packages designed to fit your vision of the funeral you want for your loved ones. Choose one and leave it to us.

Economy Package


Welcome to our highly recommended Economy Package, thoughtfully designed to meet your needs during this important time. From comprehensive care to a range of service options, this package ensures a heartfelt tribute. With services like embalming, physical care, and a choice of simple coffins, we emphasize compassion and professionalism. Rest assured, we will guide you through the process, offering dignified support and expertise, while keeping in mind your preferences and requirements.


Traditional Package

Step into the realm of legacy with the Traditional Package, a profound expression of our commitment to honoring your loved one's memory. With a choice of up to twelve traditional coffins and a beautiful double-ended coffin spray, this package encapsulates reverence and remembrance. Offering a full array of services, including multiple viewings and a comprehensive service on the day, we ensure every detail contributes to a meaningful farewell that pays homage to their life journey.


Signature Package

Unveil the essence of remembrance with our Signature Package, meticulously designed to capture the significance of your loved one's journey. From premium signature range coffins to exquisite floral tributes, this package embodies respect and compassion. With the choice of multiple limousines and a comprehensive set of services, we are committed to creating a deeply heartfelt and dignified farewell that reflects the individuality of their life story.


Premium Casket Package

Experience distinction with our Premium Casket Package, a symbol of our dedication to respecting your loved one's legacy. From premium casket choices to floral tributes, this package offers unique ways to honour their memory. With multiple limousines and a focus on personalisation, we ensure every detail is attended to. Trust us to provide exceptional care and professional guidance as we help you celebrate their life in a dignified and meaningful manner.


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