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A Warm Welcome

Here at Abney Funeral Services you can expect to be greeted by friendly and caring staff; a place where attention to detail matters; and where we will always put the respect and care of your loved one first. We endeavour to provide you with a highly professional service that caters to the unique needs and requests of your family. We have worked really hard to ensure that our prices are fair and clear; in this regard we have a 'no surprises' policy. We truly love when a family feels happy that we have given their loved one the best send off possible. If there is anything we can do, let us know, its our pleasure to help.

“You won’t find a more attentive, thoughtful or genuinely good funeral directing company within miles of Abney Funeral Services. Daniel and Abi see their work as a privilege, a service that they are honoured to be able to provide for the community around them, and they are deeply committed to doing this in the best way possible.”

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Our Recommended Package

Economy Package

+ 3rd Party Fees

A dignified and simple funeral & our excellent service at a fair and transparent price. We understand that funerals can be costly and often times are, unexpected. Many families have not had the chance to budget or save for funeral costs and are completely unaware of pricing until the need arises. The Economy Package has been created to provide all the essentials you will need for a good funeral and we will assist you in avoiding high third-party costs.

Please scroll down to see what our packages include.

Winding road with a sun beam shining through the trees

We will collect your loved one and convey them to our Funeral Home with care and dignity from start to finish. A location within the M25 is included in this packages. (We are happy to collect from outside the M25 but this may incur an additional fee).

Wooden path to a platform on a serene lake

We will look after and care for your loved one with a personal touch. This includes, should you choose, careful washing, grooming and complete dressing.

A person taking notes on a pad

We take care of the paperwork, arrangements and paying disbursements so you dont have to. Our service aims to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our beautiful chapel of rest showing chairs and setup for in house services

The use of our Chapel of Rest for private viewings and a memorial service, so you can spend some special moments with your loved one before the day of the funeral.

Stunning coffin spray displayed on a coffin

One of our stunning double ended floral coffin sprays will travel with us for the duration of the funeral, adding a beautiful touch to the service.

The Abney team stood outside the church with the fleet of cars

You will travel with dignity on the day of the Funeral with a Hearse leading, and a family Limousine, accompanied by Pall Bearers.

A selection of coffins, Pastel Blue, white, Mahogany, Oak

Unlike most funeral homes we offer you a choice of 4 simple yet beautiful coffins as part of the service.

Additional Packages

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What people are saying about us

We lost our father and Abney Funeral Services walked us through the whole process, handled all the arrangements, kept us updated and well informed. Before, during and after the funeral, they were absolutely brilliant!! I highly recommend them to anyone having to face these difficult choices at a very difficult time.

Thank you for such amazing service. You made my sisters funeral so beautiful, we appreciate your kindness and quality service. The staff are ever so genuine and hospitable it was indescribable. You have gone above and beyond from the genuine remorse conversations to providing the family with umbrellas while it was raining at the grave. Outstanding service, will not be forgotten.

Spectacular service. The team managed our funeral with dignity, respect d professionalism throughout. They respected our cultural rites whilst ensuring everything ran on time. Thank you Abney Funeral for providing my Aunty with a warm send off. You took a load off what is a very difficult time for us.

Get In Touch

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us via our Office line, or you can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If your loved one has passed away and you need help, please call our Emergency Out of Hours line and somebody will be able to help and guide you through this difficult time.


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